Eeprom Chip Liteon

How big is the EEPROM chip on the Liteon CDwriters especially the LTR48125W? I was just wondering what happens when they cant store anymore Media Lists on the firmware then its the end of the line?

Then it’s bad luck.

All current drives have 512 kByte of firmware (Pioneer DVD writers have 1 MB)

they still have plenty of space in the firmware to outlast the drives lifecycle. and on the slim chance that they are still making firmware updates 5 years from now, then they could easily remove the oldest and rarest types of media.

I suppose Smartburn is useful but by that time all media should be at least 48x comaptible it will only be the cheap stuff that will needed to be inputted into the firmware to warn against burning at high speeds.

Doesn’t SMART-Burn run a default write strategy for unknown media types?