EEPROM - a simply question

Just wondered about litey’s eeproms’.

If EEPROM is suitable only for the drive, which it’s dumped from, so theoretically we can say that every drive (cdrw,combo,dvdrwcombo) has its own unique eeproms, yup ?

Could anybody explain me precisely, about factors that calibration data" depends on ?

And finally… litey’s manufacture’s every day a whole of odrives. and if answer to my question no 1 is YUP… so i guess that calibration data could be recovered rather easily… (still we dont know how), in case that any litey build up process takes no longer than 15 mins.

And - if new 7S drives revision, has got no eeprom - and calibration stuff is embedded into firmware-update program, so logically, assuming that not only 1 drive was made, but thousands of them, there cannot be many factors on which calibration stuff depends… :o

:confused: still i’m wondering LOL

Each drive is hooked up to a machine which tests its individual capabilities. The componenets in different drives vary enough to require different calibration data, thus the need for calibration data in the first place.

And You belive in the words you’ve wrote :stuck_out_tongue:

By the volume of production, it’s hard to belive (for me) that every drive is hooked to a machine that tests it… it’s non electronic/logic way of thinking (from my electronic pov)

But thank You for Your answer.

Why is that hard to believe? Machines build the thing, so why would it be so difficult for a machine to calibrate it?

from my experience only optical calbiration i could imagine is to set up correctly wavelenght/peaks/others parameteres.
of course it could be done by software.

but what about new 7S revisions ? are they self/auto-calibrated models ?