:eek:Ritek from NewEgg question, help!

Okay, i’ve read from many people that Ritek/Ridata makes good quality DVD media. now that i’m reading around, i’m starting to get freaked out. i got the 50 pk of DVD-Rs from newegg.com. i read that people are ordering the Ritek/Ridata spindles and getting media manufactured by “Ricoh Company Limited.” :confused: Is this one of those situations where i’m gonna get screwed and end up with half a spindle of crap? :a ex. flaws in the dye, etc? or is “Ricoh Company Limited” good quality. i’m gonna be so pissed off if it’s crappy, i’ll give newegg a piece of my mind. Is the spindle from NewEgg a “Ritek own branded, Ridisc, Ridata, Traxdata & Datasafe.”???

thx alot!

you’ll probably find that the ricoh,s are just as good the dyes are the same as ritek as some ritek discs have the same media code as ricoh i.e ricohjpnro1 although most riteks are ritek g04 asuming there 4speed .hope this easys your worries