Eeek, grey hairs!

I’ve found at least 5 grey hairs over the past couple of weeks, seems like one crops up every time I wash my hair. I’m getting old! :sad:

Either that or you lovely lot are giving me the grey hairs, which sometimes I don’t doubt :stuck_out_tongue:

Still at least I have hair I suppose :bigsmile:

You’re a cat, long haired at that! :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t you shed in the Blank Media forum instead of making a mess all over the new carpet in the Living Room? :bigsmile:

Seriously though, I started getting some grey hair in my early 20’s. :sad: Don’t feel too bad. :disagree:

I would, but might get fried to a crisp by the Dragon :eek:…I’ll keep the vacuum handy, I promise :bigsmile:

Glad I’m not the only one though :iagree:…misery loves company :bigsmile:

Well we need to confirm this with some pics I think :smiley:

There’s a Dragron in the Blank Media forum! :eek:

Whatever a Dragron is I’d better hunt it down and chase it away right now… :iagree:

BTW had my first few grey hairs about 3 years ago but they are hardly visible between the other medium blonde hairs. This is only when I’m in human shape obviously.

at least you have hair

If they were on your pillow don’t worry they were just mine. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t believe that you forgot already. :sad:

@Drage - dammit, I thought I got away with that one :o

@wobble - how can they have been yours, I didn’t think you had any. Have you been hiding some? :bigsmile:

@MegaDETH - hehe, nice try :wink:

[QUOTE=Arachne]@wobble - how can they have been yours, I didn’t think you had any. Have you been hiding some? :bigsmile:
Don’t you remember running your fingers through it (I have some just above my ears and on the back of head) moaning “Wobble, Wobble”? :stuck_out_tongue:

You might want to see someone about those dreams, I would call them nightmares :bigsmile:

@rolling - hairdye on standby :cool:

And before you know it they are all gray :doh:

If it was just a dream how did they get on your pillow? :wink: :flower:

You broke in and put them there? :stuck_out_tongue: :flower:

Are you a one bottle or a two bottle kind of gal? :bigsmile:

You don’t need to break in when you have a key. :wink: :flower:

Two. I have too much hair, it’s really thick :bigsmile:

@wobble - :stuck_out_tongue:

I was hoping that mine would all fall out before it turned grey. No such luck!
I grow a beard and all the kids start telling me what they want for Xmas. :confused: :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this the reason why you have a new “ghetto” hat? :stuck_out_tongue:

:bigsmile: i meant a bottle for upper and a bottle for lower. That’s a two bottle gal :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean - you’d ban him :bigsmile:

And for completeness - my grey hairs are beginning to be replaced by white ones :slight_smile: