eDonkey rides like the wind in European P2P protocol races

I just posted the article eDonkey rides like the wind in European P2P protocol races.

In America the most
popular file sharing application is by far the Kazaa software. In Europe this is
not the case as many Europeans have switched to alternatives. According to the

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6885-eDonkey-rides-like-the-wind-in-European-P2P-protocol-races.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6885-eDonkey-rides-like-the-wind-in-European-P2P-protocol-races.html)

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emule means high quality shares…like high bit rate video and mp3’s, full games. It looks like the emule community is a bit more caring about his downloads then the KAzaa one.

well said damiandimitri, I think the same. After throwing KaZaA out of my system, I’ve switched to Edonkey and got nothing but great downloads. None of them fakes. Seems pretty unlykely to be no fakes in the Edonkey/Emule network, but what I’ve downloaded pleased me completely. I like it alot! Having used it for almost a year now, I guess it’s good for people to know that while being a KaZaA user i got plenty of fake files and viral stuff, but now, using Edonkey2000, I have nothing to complain about.

Some emule versions have a fake check build in… :B

…and add sharereactor into that equation and you’re well away :d

personally, im a fan of DC++ given you need a big share to get access to the big hubs, but anything is on there

Indeed. Thats all I’ve been using for the past 3-4yrs, eDonkey, then eMule and now eMule Plus. I suppose if I were simply looking for a single mp3 to listen to very quickly then yes I’d just quickly queue it up in KaZaA Lite and be on my way. However if it’s anything more serious where ingrity counts (e.g. Software, PC-Game CD images, Movies, etc… etc…) then there’s only one choice, el-burro!:+