eDonkey reaches 4 Million Users



We can’t totally give up IE yet due to compatibility issues. Many of the account management software cellur phone company uses, student account management access software, etc are still compatible only with IE. It will be great if Firefox can view them all. And then I can totally remove IE off my computer. :g


I just posted the article eDonkey reaches 4 Million Users.

 With little fanfare, Edonkey has reached a milestone.  It has surpassed it's 4 millionth user. This is by no means a record in  itself for users online but it's been a few years since this...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10295-eDonkey-reaches-4-Million-Users.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10295-eDonkey-reaches-4-Million-Users.html)

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…if only microsoft let u uninstall it, that is. :g


sorry guys…I changed the story in the queue.The firefox story is in the Living Room/News section of the forum.:o


It should really state the Edonkey Network has reached 4 million NOT eDonkey2000. There are various clients clients on that network and as a good estimate over 95% of them are eMule and eMule mods. Even the other other clients rely on the work of the eMule team an its reverse engineering and extension of the protocols. The “official” eDonkey client is an extremely slow buggy and crapware sponsored client, fit for nothing and probably registers less than 1% of the clients. Stating there are over 4 million eDonkey2000 users gives no credit to the eMule community without which the network would have died long ago.


Well said prototype the main title of the article should change


For some reason eMule and variations never worked for me. I am way happier using bitLord 0.56 …to get my movie trailers :slight_smile:


The eMule creators did an excellent job of creating a friendly and popular client but they were not the ones who reverse engineered the protocol. The MLDonkey creators were the ones who reverse engineered the edonkey2000 protocol and opened it up to the world.


Same here with eMule - Like WinMX, it certainly finds plenty of results, but it is rare to get anything to start downloading, even if I try results with 100 or more sources, despite confirming that its UDP port and TCP port will accept incoming connections.


Wrong. The network IS called eDonkey2000 (ED2K). The original client software just happens to be of the same name. Why would Slyck, eMule software etc etc call the network eDonkey2000? Because it is the name.


learn how to portforward your modems/routers you noobs :stuck_out_tongue:


I stick to Edonkey2000 (the software, that is) and I won’t change it soon. No particular reason except that I simply like it and I got very very used to it. LE: Oh, and by the way, I have Edonkey2000 Pro.
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I haven’t used eDonkey or any other P2P program for a long time. Because very legal and public websites have enough things on themselves. I pay to the service providers, rather much though, not to the original content creators. The service providers arrange something with the music and movie companies. The only limiting factor is that I cannot afford adding multiple 200GB HDDs everyday.


Nothing beats Bit Torrent.


Something certainly does. Files’ lifespan in ED2K is far superior when compared to BitTorrent.