Edonkey goes server less: Overnet public beta released



I just posted the article Edonkey goes server less: Overnet public beta released….

Observer used our newssubmit to tell us about Overnet. The Creators of the File sharing engine known as Edonkey 2000 has a new project called Overnet Edonkey 2000 without servers. More like a…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4192-Edonkey-goes-server-less-Overnet-public-beta-released___.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4192-Edonkey-goes-server-less-Overnet-public-beta-released___.html)

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Cool… Allways thought that Edonkey were technologically lacking behind… Not anymore…


are they preparing things for the future. Are they afraid that somebody will shut them down :slight_smile: Edonkey is ruling more and more!!! :slight_smile: keep goin’ on!


Just a thought - but it would be kinda cool if all these file share systems could be fused into one sweet mutha app. Cos they’re all pretty good and az it iz, but just fink if everyones files from WinMX, eDonkey, the Gnutella network, Blubster etc etc could be all reachable ! I flick between all these apps meself, but at the moment I’ve kinda been taken by WinMX - and letz face it - when chicks are sharing files, ya know plenty of Joe/Joanne public must have finally got word of it somehow (like wiv Napster - R.I.P). Laterz … . :4


eBwoy: I don’t think it would be too hard to do that. Correct me if i’m wrong, but it will probably compromise the serverless operations… Because it would need chains to translate inbetween the technologies… But sure why not… :wink:


Zyron - Yep ya right but I’m the kinda geezer that don’t really mind waiting for a search result. Wot I feel really counts is gettin’ that all important file. Whatever that might be. But wiv a wanky 56k modem - I’m used to waiting ! Yawn ! Laterz … . :4


It requires M$ .Net Framework. Thanks but no thanks.


I hear a lot of people say they download music through programs like EDonkey because they say that CD’s are over priced. Do these same people go out & shoplift **** shoes because they are over priced?


No they probably buy other shoes, that are less expensive, because they have the choice…


Domi, just my words :wink:


There are other CD’s that are less expensive. Especially with the advent of the internet. Do a search. Almost always you can find a popular CD for under $10. That’s not terribly bad at all. I mean you can’t justify stealing because you don’t like the price. Digital camcorders for example. They’re in the $500+ price range. You can’t really shop around. $500 is about as low as they come (atleast the ones I’m referring too). I don’t really feel it’s worth $500, there aren’t less expensive alternatives… so by that logic I should have the right to steal? The record companies are screwing us over… true. They’re screwing over the artists and the state of music as well. Stealing the music does nothing but cause more problems for all those involved.


Dwnl via Edonkey or Overnet is for me something like research, Let me see the movie first before I even think of buying it. Buying the movie somewhere else via internet, for example I live in the netherlands and I buy the movie in Maylasia I pay half price or cheaper, cool, no not cool because at the moment the movie comes to the dutch boarder and it is stopped by the customs the price goes sky high, extra tax please. I buy most of my music cd’s in germany, saves me 10 - 20 euro per cd. So there are posiblities but not always good ones. Lower the price and I pay fair. I never pay more then 10 euro for music cd’s and or movies(dvd), but this is very difficult here in the netherlands, if there is a posibilitie please tell me! The ObserveR


I don’t think the .shit ermm the .net package is really needed. Everyone can realize a gui without that. 12 mb just for a gui … i dont think so. I like to try out but as one said before. Thanks but no Thanks. ViRuZ