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I use it a lot, speed is less important with cable :wink: Not many Dutch users yet, I think, because there are no divx-movies with dutch subtitles (yet) :c

:4 eD2k is top stuff! :wink: I’ve been using it for abit now and love it! Why, because its RESUMABLE! :slight_smile: May not be much to most of you well off people out there, but I still use the humble old 56k modem on a BT service which keeps free 24hourz. The speed seems to keep to 4-5bps, which I agree :r sucks, but give it a week and I get a movie and a few other bits aleast AND make someone else :g happy, as they can download KooL stuff from me too! :d It has to happen soon, where I shall install ADSL, but it costs alittle TOO much for me! :c HEY, I have other hobbiez too… :stuck_out_tongue: Home Cinema, Big screen Cinema, DvD moviez, PlayStation 1 & 2 gamez, DreamCast gamez, GameBoy Advance gamez, Food, Mortagage, Billz on and on and on! :slight_smile: Take care all, see’ya on the flip side! :8

Please fix the Link on this page!! Don’t link to the file, link to the download page…!! This program is new and is currently fixing some problems, but over all, I have loved this program. So far I’ve gotten over a 100 divx movies… The part thing is a double edge sword. With it breaking the file into parts, you can upload parts of the file without even having the whole file. This makes files with high demand spread a LOT faster. But, there are some incomplete files running around on the network. I believe there will be a new feature in the next version to help identify these files.

I’ ve been using the gnutella network and kazaa/morpheus for a while until I discovered ed2k and it beats both. It’s true that the incomplete-file issue is annoying but it’s lot easier to get i.e. complete movies than with the other sharing-tools mentioned at the beginning. And due to that you automatically share a file you’re currently downloading, freeloading is almost impossible :stuck_out_tongue:

Edonkey is the best file sharing program around. Download it now.

This Program has really grown up in the last 6 months. The programming is all done by one guy, but dont be fooled…it is amazing. It is built on a file sharing algorithm that kills the competition…files always resume, files come from multiple sources at a time-meaning that download speeds of 200kb/sec are possible. Come check it out. Many of the comments above about bugs are from older versions of the program, it has been very Beta until recently…there are very few bugs left and they are being worked out all the time. If you try eDonkey, it is not likely that you will continue to use the other programs on this site afterward…it is that great. ©Bubba_Gump

This really does work great! Other programs such as kazza and gnutella dont really work well for large movies, but the latest version 1155 of edonkey knocks off the competition. At present there are at least 20-40 servers, with around 200-2000 users each. From a 1-man band, this prog has grown and grown and it really does the business! (even for Large files). :9

eDonkey2000 is currently the only filesharing prog I use. Has been since Feb. It is only 9 months old, so it’s still growing up. It by far my favorite filesharing network. Great community!

Edonkey is brilliant if youve got broadband, but if youve still got a 56k modem it is painful. Its even more painful when you want to download a movie which normally takes 2 weeks to do, when other people keep uploading the very same file your downloading! While this isnt a problem for people with broadband it is for the rest of us with 56k modems. Really we need all the bandwidth we can get and uploading the same file whilst your downloading it just slows down the "ONE" download your doing. Why only "ONE" download you may ask? Well because thats all its worth bothering with on a 56k modem anyway! So my final word. Great for Broadband users, Bloody terrible for 56k users. It wouldnt really effect the broadband users if something was added to the program to allow maximum 6kps downloads with 0 uploads because broadband users wouldn`t notice anyway. But with 56k like me, your quite simply better off asking your broadband friends nicely to download the big files for you.


Edonkey2000 is wonderful: it´s -generally- fast, transparent -you see what parts are d/loading and what are remaining-and the resuming option works perfectly. Besides, you MUST share -no way acting like a Scrooge here, Jose- :wink: so, all in all, it´s a great piece of software. Hope they’ll keep on improving (user search, etc).

im new to this and need some help finding music

Where can i find some servers or a serverlist!!!

Works well. Few problems, burns few coasters. Support is excellent. dvdxcopy platinum also works good& is easy to use. Highly recommended.

Did not work with my Panasonic drive. Emailed support, and was told that it does not support RAM format. Told the guy it is a multiformat burner. He never got back to me.:frowning:

MIGHT ONLY WORK with liteon products:)

Hmm… seems they removed trial version … followed the link and can’t find it…

X Copy is only a money thing dont buy it i have it on CD and cant get it reg it will install but that it

My $ 150 Tiger Direct purchase of this product soured when I could not re-install it on the same machine (after installing XP SP2) because I ran out of activations. Now I have to re-apply to DVDXCOPY International for 3 more activations if I can submit a photocopy of my bill (which I threw out), a photo of the retail box with the licence and a photo of the dvd case with the licence and password and they might consider giving me three more activations. Some people have waited for some time and have not been re-activated yet. This is according to the website that this company has available.