Edonkey 2000 spyware?

I was just wondering if Edonkey2000 comes with any known spyware. If so, is there a Edonkey2000 lite that I could get a hold of somewhere? Thanks.

There are two versions of eDonkey: a command line version and eDonkey2000; a GUI version.

eDonkey2000 is shareware and displays ads until it’s registered. I’m not quite sure if it includes spyware. The best way to check is to download it and Ad-aware, install eDonkey and then Ad-aware. Afterwards, run Ad-aware to scan and remove spyware. If eDonkey refuses to run afterwards, then it uses spyware. I haven’t encountered a hacked/lite version of eDonkey2000 although there are probably registration cracks for the program; just like almost any other program out there that requires registration.

eDonkey command line version uses a DOS based console. This version is not spyware or adware, but you need to be keen on entering commands to use it. :wink:

it only shows 1 add
just move the donkey to your task bar and you will not see the add anymore

i use the donkey for 2 years now never had problems with it

there are some hacked/patched version withour adds

Yes it does contain Spyware


could you be more clear?

anyways you can always use eMule!!

This Spyware database reports Gator and Cydoor.
I would suggest you get Ad-Aware from http://www.lavasoftusa.com/ and do a scan with it.


i think i’ll stick to eMule only now, the gui is so much better!

edonkey asks before installing the spyware, if i remember correctly, as ill be damned before gator spends any time on my PC

Why do you all worry about spyware ?
Just put a firewalll and see which spyware file is trying to connect to something. Then let your firewall block this connection and you’ll have no problems.