Edonkey 2000 DOWN

I have try edonkey the last past day’s but I can’t connect to the server any more I think the server is dead.

Have someone INFo fore me what the problem is.???


The Distroyer.

perhaps your server list is empty…

the donkey is not down…

i will give you the link to some servers;

(list is the maurice server list)

go to the left botton of the page and choose “add all”

Thanks fore the INFO.


The Distroyer…

Sometimes you cannot log on because of the proxy settings.

If you are not running through a proxy, set the proxy port to 0 (do not disable proxy, just set port to 0).

I may be slightly wrong on this procedure as I haven’t used EDonkey in a year or so, but you can find out about it on their website.