Editting DVD movies


I have older relatives who can be offended by some of the more graphic nudity/sex :o and violence in some movies. However, I know they would enjoy some suspenseful movies minus those usually unneccessary scenes. Copying is no problem - it’s the editting I don’t know about.

Does anyone know of an easy to use software which would allow me to edit movies like that, so that they may enjoy editted versions with the offending scenes removed. If so, where could I find it and what’s the cost?

Thank you

The easiest to use is generally thought to be VideoRedo:


There’s a version (VRD Plus 50 USD) for editing MPEG2 footage extracted from DVD, and another (TV Suite 75 USD) which will put the edited material back to DVD. In my experience the ‘TV Suite’ version is the better option although more expensive.

If you’re feeling adventurous then MPEG Video Wizard DVD (99 USD):


…gives a larger set of features, such as transitions between edits and an export function to iPod or other media players (and of course to DVD). They have cheaper products which don’t author to DVD but sometimes this is not necessary if you have a DVD player which will accept bare MPEG2 files of <2GB.

The good thing about either of these applications is that they don’t re-encode the video unless absolutely necessary; and then only where the edit point is. In my experience, almost every other easy-to-use MPEG2 editing tool re-encodes the whole file.

I’ll transfer this to the Video Edit Software forum…

I am trying to do the same thing. I want to edit a few movies for my young nephew to watch. I just purchased Womble. Are there any tutorials on how to perform this specific operation? I’ll admit, this software is a bit complicated, and I just don’t have the time to learn it from A to Z. Eventually, I’d like to become proficient in using womble, but for now I just want to get these projects done quickly.