Is there a way to edit out content of dvds when using LiteOn DVD burners?

What content extras,subs,audio menus or what…
Most programs will do this clonedvd has a cut unwanted chapters.
If you mean edit home movies try videoReDo…

Personally I use Womble MPEG Video Wizard, it supports importing of VOB files. (make sure the VOB has only 1 video and audio stream and not multi angle). Then you could use a tool like IFOEDIT to rebuild your IFO files to avoid re-authoring.

I have been using a program called DVD Shrink to burn my dvds along with Nero 6.Cant fnd a way to edit the dvds though using those programs

Did you read my post ?

DVDShrink will edit for you. Use the re-author mode and set start and end points. Virtually any other program will do it too, including Nerovision.