Editing with WinISO

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I saved my image, and checked the file by opening it. The file opened just fine in WinISO. When I tried this in Explorer, however, Explorer sort of stalled, when I right-clicked on the file. After about 20 seconds pause, Explorer launches Notepad and displays a message, stating it cannot open the file, and that I should check if the disk in in the specified drive.

(The ‘specified’ drive in question is a mounted virtual drive (Alcohol))

Any idea of what I am doing wrong?

Welcome to the forum , but keep the illegal stuff out please.

Thing is that your bin file is probably not the same bytes per sector as your iso file , which gives troubles.

Better is to use the BIN->ISO converter first in Winiso , and then edit the ISO file it just created.

You can then mount/write this ISO file using Alcohol and try it.

Thanks for the advice…oh, and in my country, Denmark, it is actually legal to make a personal copy of any CD you own…

Denmark, it is actually legal to make a personal copy of any CD you own…

lucky u dude…r there other countries like this…???:wink:

There are some restrictions…

You can legally make only ONE (1) copy, and you can’t give it to anyone not in your household.

However, this means that it is perfectly legal for me to make a copy for my brother, since we live in the same household, and take him on for a frag session!

Of course, it would then be illegal for him to use it if he moved out, as I am the original owner…

how da hell wud they keeep track that its only one copy and not more?

All applies on the fair use policy a lot of countries on earth have.
Stick to the topic please.

hey Belv-chill
thought he had already received the answer he needed…and this looked like an interesting peace of info…so asked…

wasnt aware that these kind of policies exist.
.thought making copies were illegal …period…

peace ooout!!