Editing Voiceovers


I volunteer on a church media ministry and I am trying to learn how to do the different jobs in this ministry.

We have video announcements that put together each week on iMovie, with these announcements are voiceovers for each clip. For whatever reason when these voiceovers are recorded they are very low when I add to iMovie clip. I am trying to find out what software I can use to edit these voiceovers to fix any glitches or to make louder. I know it can be done, just not sure of a software that is user friendly.

I use a Mac computer in church.

Are the voiceovers at a low volume initially, before you introduce them into the iMovie program? Or does it change once you have combined them?

I am not a Mac user, so any help I can offer would be with the few programs that are cross platform with Windows. Audacity is a free audio editing program that can be used in both systems, and it has the capability of increasing gain (volume) on audio. http://audacity.sourceforge.net/download/mac

If you are working with AC3 format audio, you’ll need the ffmeg import/export library as well, which I hope works in OSX

Thank you for responding.
The files are low when they are recorded for some reason. We have a sound guy and he records the voiceovers and they say okay when you listen back. Once I put the voiceover on the movie clip and add instrumental music I cannot hear the voiceover. I am a newbie trying to learn all of this stuff.

I really don’t understand why voiceover is low. We use to have a Youth Pastor who had a media degree and when he left two weeks ago he deleted everything off the computer so I am trying to put it all back together. He had the same problem with voiceovers and there was a software program he used to make the voiceover louder and also to take out any dead space. So I am looking for any help that I can get.

Like Kerry I don’t have an Apple Mac but I can confirm that audio editing is included in the current version of iMovie so you may need to update your software.

According to the info here (in the audio editing section further down the page) all you have to do is adjust the volume slider to the required level.