Editing VOB files of old converted family films

Hi, I’m a bit of a newbie and I would really appreciate your advice…

I have had a number of old family super 8 films from the 1960’s converted onto a DVD by a shop in town. The DVD has the usual structure with vob files etc. The same shop is converting to DVD for me a whole bunch of family videos (the old vhs-c cassettes) that I used 10- 15 years ago.

Next week is my late grandfather’s 10th memorial service and I would like to edit clips from the DVD’s onto one DVD and show it to the family at the service. My grandparents appear for some 20-30 minutes (in scattered places) in the DVD that has has already been converted and the one will I will receive once the video conversion is finished.

Now the question…how can I edit the parts from those DVD’s in order to take clips from them with my grandparents and then burn those clips onto a DVD (with, maybe, transitions in between). Could someone please recommend an intuitive not too complicated software for an “idiot” like me to use that may help me - I tried to use MPEG Video Wizard DVD - and, frankly, I found it quite bewildering…any other suggestions?

Many thanks!


Mpeg Video Wizard DVD if definitely one that will do the trick.
You can download DVD Shrink (free software) and try that one.
You can cut sections you need, export, than import and join all together, but I would suggest to give a try to the Video Wizard. It is a good software, specially for editing mpeg files.
This way you will end up with complete DVD including menus, you can also make transition between cuts so it looks little more pro.