Editing video for multiple titles



ok i have this series i want to burn in a 4.7DVD disk

Title : Densha Otoko
Resolution : 720x450
aspect ratio : 4:9
size : 400mb

all in all it has 11 episodes, but when i try to make a dvd movie using Nero 7, when i put the first episode, it consumed almost 2 Gig of the Disk. so im guessing if i change the its resolution, mayb i might compress all of this title in one dvd.

Can someone point me to the right thread, because i want to burn multiple titles in a DVD. not a Data disk but a media DVD. i tried many stuff, but i failed.


How many hours is in each episode? If you want good quality on 1 dvd, you need to stick to no more than 4hrs max. 2 1/2 is preferred. The other options are to encode to divx or xvid which will give you more info on one dvd with minimum loss, but you have to have a dvd player that will play divx or xvid. You can also encode to mpeg2 1/2 D1 ( I can’t remember the exact specs off the top of my head). You can find all this information by searching and doing a little reading at www.videohelp.com.


aprox 1 hour per episode. and no my player or most players here at my country does not support divx or xvid. i think that is what im looking for, converting my videos to mpeg2 1/3 D1. what program should i use to convert it with?



You can’t put 11 hours on a DVD-Video disc, more like 2-2.5 hours. And even that is with compression.

I’ll guess that your episodes are in fact 720x480 and 16:9 aspect. That’s DVD resolution, and can’t be changed. I would put 3 on a DL disc, or maybe 2 on a single layer disc.

Hard to say what format they are in now, but I’d wager it’s MPEG-4 of some type.


3 hours of video would be possible to put onto an DVD5, but with crappy resolution and vcd like bitrates…
If you want more stuff onto 1 Video-DVD then either reduce the titles per disc or use DL.


you can compress the file into AVI
and then you burn this avi files in your 4.7DVD disk
you can play it on your dvd player


You can try putting four hours on, and using 1/2 D1 settings, as long as you aren’t trying to play it back on a large screen hi-def monitor, and you may get acceptable quality. The only way you can tell is to run a test and try it. What do you have to lose, besides one dvd, and a few hours. The only person who can decide if the quality is acceptable, is you. I surely would not do this for a client with a video, but for personal use on a small to mid sized tv, it would likely be acceptable.


avi is not avi.


avi is not avi?

i just bought prison break 2 with 15 episodes with menus and stuff. i was like, wat the hell?

vcd quality is ok with me, doesnt matter. i just want to know how the pirates fit 8 movies on 1 dvd9 disk.


avi can be anything, from uncompressed avi to xvid…

You wont know that unless you want become one of them, I believe.
You bought pirated stuff? Case closed.