Editing TV series DVD software?

Hey guys, I have another question for you about software that lets me edit DVD movies. In particular, Lets say I have a TV series such as GITS:SAC or Family Guy which are compiled of lets say 4-7, 20 minute shows on each dvd but of course there’s menus, options, extra fetures, as well as the credits and openings for each show. Im tired of, after watching a show, having to wait through the credits and openinds of the next show to get to the accual show. Does that make any sense at all? I am wondering if there is software that lets me recompile, lets say, one of these DVDs (onto any DVD media) so that just the shows run side by side without any openings or credits. Thanks alot for any help regarding my problem.

TMPGEnc DVD Author works pretty well for what you want.


Thanks man

Glad to help.