Editing the Audio Track on a DVD Video

I have three or four Video DVDs which originally came from VHS recordings of TV music concerts and am feeling quite smug with myself because I have managed to learn how to edit these (remove ads etc) using no more then DVD Shrink.
As they came from VHS tapes originally the sound is far from very good, ie. low volume, tape hiss etc, i’m now getting a bit ambitious and wondering if there is a reasonably straightforward way for a relative novice to temporarily extract the audio tracks from these, edit them say in Nero Wave Editor, then get the edited sound back on the DVD.
During my learning to edit the video I found that nearly all the different software I was trying, except DVD Shrink, gave me Audio to Video sync problems so I don’t want to get into that again.
Any suggestions wecome and received with thanks.

See if this will work for you:
Get DGIndex . Under the file pulldown select " Save Project and Demux Video" .
This should give you 3 files .ac3 , .d2v .m2v .

If Nero Wave Editor will edit the .ac3 file to your satisfaction then use it .
Audacity might work as well as some other audio auditing software .
The closer you stay to the length of the original .ac3 the better the sync should work .
Maybe someone else will post a good method of getting the sync exact if the length is different .

Now you need DVDAuthorGUI.
File pulldown / Add New Title… It will ask for the .m2v first then the .ac3.
Then File pulldown select Author DVD.
I would put the DVD files in a new different folder on your HDD. The movie name usually.
I would just test to see how the sync was with a player like VLC or MPC-HC. From the HDD.
DVDAuthorGUI does have a Edit A/V Delay which can be used positive or negative time .
After you view & listen this could be used to adjust the sync by repeating the process again.

Okay cholla, looks a bit tricky to a novice like me but will give it a try, carefully and slowly. Will report back or ask further advice as I go along. Many thanks for reply.

Reporting back as promised.
Thank you very much for advice, it worked a treat.
Apart from having to download an AC3 plug-in for my Nero everything worked perfectly after I followed your instructions and found my way around. Not even any noticeable audio sync problems.
I do get an error message when I’ve edited and saved the audio track in Nero ‘The instruction at 0x7c90ff56 referenced memory at 0x02630586. The memory could not be read’.
Haven’t got a clue what this means (any suggestions ?) but the track saves o.k. so all is well.

Always glad to get a report back . Especially when the advice worked well.
I haven’t used Nero much & the version I have now doesn’t have Wave Editor.

I googled this type error & these are just a couple of many " explanations " .

  1. This error message occurs because the operating system does not allocate a large enough buffer for the maximum string length that is permitted.

  2. It is most likely a program error (e.g., a bug in the software). It
    means that there is a pointer pointing to memory that either doesn’t
    exist or belongs to a different process running in the computer, which
    is therefore locked out from the current process.

My best guess is this was caused by the AC3 plug infor Nero. It might have not been completely compatible. Since it worked I wouldn’t worry about it.