Editing subtitles on purchased DVD's

Greetings from New Zealand :slight_smile:

A while ago I purchased some imported DVD’s. I prefer watching them subtitled because the English dubbed version never quite captures the mood in most scenes (and quite often just sounds lame)

Anyway the English subtitles are really badly done. There are many typos and misspelt words. There is no sentence structure or anything. And there are a lot of stupid errors like using the word term instead of team for example.

While they are still watchable, my question is this:

Is there some software with which I can edit these subtitles?
I just want to tidy them up, fix the errors and what not. Is it possible to do this to a DVD I’ve bought online from a distributor? There are also some silly mistakes in some of the menus.

Thanks in advance for any answers.

Sounds like a homemade boot. Can you turn off/on the subs with your remote?