Editing Softwear, advice for best one

I have a LG DVD recorder (stand alone not a pc one) and I want some software to edit the stuff I am recording from the television. I want to remove the adverts etc and then burn onto a dvd-r disc, using my PC DVD burner.

When I format the disks before recording from TV I can chose either VR or Video, it seems only Video formatted work on my pc.

I use Samsung dvd-rw media.

I don’t know, im having the same problem myself


I would suggest these softwares in no particular order:
Video Redo

If you do not have the Video in Mpeg1/2 format prior to editing then you will require an encoding software. Then id suggest Tmpgenc for Mpeg1 and 2. CCE(Cinemacraft Encoder which is a bit pricey) for Mpeg2.

After you have edited and output the video in the proper format then the following softwares will make a great DVD again in no particular order:
Tmpg DVD Author.

Hope this helps.

I need to insert a video segment into an exissting video. During the insert don’t want to loose the original audio. Need Help.Xlntajith my Email is :slight_smile: Xlntajit@yahoo.com :iagree: