Editing question on a Flip camera

Is there a way to edit audio onto this camera?
I want to do a voice over to something I have filmed…according to Flip, I can only download from an mpeg? Mp3 player?
I dont want to download music but rather my own voice.
How would I do that?

Best solution is Audacity

and of course you´ll need a microphone.

Adjust the levels (microphone slider control) so that it doesn´t go into the red, and export it as an MP3.
I suggest you play your clip at the same time as you record your voice…to make synchronisation easier.

Use your favorite video editing software and import the MP3…save…

That´s it :cool:

That didn’t seem to get me anywhere…wasn’t able to download it.

I don’t know anything about mp3 - – do they have mic’s so I can record my voice on the mp3 , download it and then transfer it to a flip movie?

Thanks for the reply deanimator. Seems like between trying to do separate audio on a Flip and trying to download footage from a Canon, I am going nuts!

Dunno why you couldn´t download it…are you using Vista? The beta version may be better for you in that case…

Most MP3 players have microphones.