Editing posts

It seems that certain things get messed up when editing a post… I’ll try to provide an example with the next post.

Also when I type #100 where # = $, it doesn’t keep that as I typed it but it replaces it with ‘0’…

It doesn’t do this in the Post Preview… let’s see if this was a one-time event.

bla bla bla $100 bla bla bla

This is a test message. I’ll type some more

this is weird… is the forum using another engine then the news pages?

Anyway, if I edit a reaction on the news page then this:“I’ll buy myself an…”
will show up in the edit box as: “I’ll buy myself an…”

If you re-post it, it will still look fine on the news page. The trouble starts when you re-edit your post a second time… the edit box will give you: "I\‘ll buy myself an…’

This behaviour increases escaped slashes every time you re-edit a post…

The forum engine seems to work a lot better, why is there another engine in use for the news pages?

The forum and the mainpage indeed use a different engine. Our forum uses a standard package from vBulletin/Jelsoft while our mainpage was built from scratch. We are aware of some of the problems you describe. The ‘$’ bug is very irritating, especially when posting a newspost… The workaround for this problem is to add a space between the dollar-sing and the numbers, so ‘$ 450’ for example. That’s all I can tell you for now unfortunately. The person who coded the mainpage doesn’t have a lot of time.