Editing out built in subtitles?



Hi, I’m using tmpg authoring works and im dealing with a movie that has built in subs. Is there any way to edit them out?

thanks everyone


If the subs are encoded into the video itself (hard subs), then you won’t be able to remove them. If they are included as a separate stream, you should be able to demux and separate the video and audio streams from the subtitle stream. What format is the video in?

It might be possible to blank out existing hard subs using something like AviDemux or Virtualdub, but you lose the area of the video where the subs show up.


Hi,it’s in avi format,thanks and also the subs are in the entire movie


Use a tool called MediaInfo to examine the file. See if there is a separate entry for a subtitle stream in the avi file. (I doubt there is, as most avi files don’t have them)

Opt out of the AOL tool bar by the way. Not too happy about the extra “option” in this installer, but it is otherwise harmless.

I find the Tree view within MediaInfo to be the most informative. You should be able to right click on the video file and see an option there to open the file with MediaInfo.

If your avi file has the subtitles showing up below the level of the video itself, then you can crop that out with AviDemux or Virtualdub, then resize to fit whatever resolution you need. Many avi files will have hard subs superimposed on top of the video however.


thanks very much :clap: