Editing out adverts

can anyone please help me?, i downloaded tmpge 1.6 when i record a film off tv on my panasonic 55 dvd recorder i can edit the start of the movie and the end of the movie but i am lost on how to cut out the adverts in the middle.could anyone talk me through it step by step? i can move the thumbnails to the start of the adverts but what do i do then?

what file extension are u attempting to edit ?

sorry what do you mean by file extention


My guess is you are talking about Tmpg DVD Author 1.6 so you are probably working with a dvd compliant file. So no need to worry about the file extension. What you do need to do is forget DVD Author for the time being if you want to do any editing. The facility does exist in DVD Lab pro but I would never advice you to use(I think even TDA has it). Here’s what you do:

  1. Take the Output of the DVD Recorder and use a seperate editor on the files. You will have to check which editor is compatible with the output of your Panasonic(here is where the extension is important).
    The editors which I personally prefer and which do not introduce any sync or any other problems are(in no specific order)

Video Redo
Vob Edit

Depending on which is compatible with the O/P of Your Panasonic, use that(check the software’s homepages for more info on what files they handle).

NOTE: File extension is the three alphabets following the dot(.) in the name of the file in Windows Explorer.

If none of the editors handle the files. You probable need to convert them into Mpeg2(DVd Compliant) files with something like TmpgEnc Plus or some other encoder.

Hope this helps.

PS: For info after editing the file on how to Burn the file onto a dvd(dvd creation) please read the guides.

thanks for your reply, the panasonic creates a vro file i convert it to mpeg 2 useing TMPGEgenc dvd author 1.6 i am just not sure how to edit out adverts from the films i record. i record a few minutes before and after the film starts i then make a start and stop point to make it look perfect, its just editing out in the middle of the film that i get lost on


Take the mpeg2 output from TDA that you mentioned and feed it as input into one of the programs I mentioned i.e. Video redo OR Mpeg2VCR. Before doing so, please read the Help of the program to find out how to edit. From my personal experience, these are the 2 simplest proggies for the task at hand. You just select the parts you want to keep/cut depending on your settings and the final output is generated. Most importantly they have no sync issues(audio coming late/early) as some other editors do. Then feed the output of the editor(edited video mpeg2) to the TDA for menus and other stuff and burn away in Nero or whatever other package you use.

Both the packages I mentioned have trials lasting 21 days(in Video redo’s case it is 15 days) so you can use it for that long at least(added bonus). Then depending on what you prefer, purchase or not.

Hope this helps.