Editing old posts disallowed?



Is there a way to edit old posts? I planned on posting error scans showing how well discs hold over time.


Unfortunately not - you can only edit posts for 30 minutes after first posting them.

Edit: This setting is forum-wide, not just the Blank Media sections.


Would it be possible to create a temporary new post and ask an admin to replace an older post with this new post’s content (then delete it)?

Otherwise keeping track of disc aging would be a far-from-useable total-mess. :slight_smile:

Why this no editing policy, actually?


I’m sure Drage or myself wouldn’t mind doing that, as long as there weren’t a ton of them, or it was done on a regular basis. :slight_smile:

As for the no editing policy, there are tons of threads asking about that in here, with Tax’s reasons…here is just one of them (pretty old, but still relevant): http://club.cdfreaks.com/f20/edit-delete-posts-disabled-99500/


Updating text and links in an old post is no big deal but attaching images is more work.

I wonder if the Merge Posts function could do the trick and leave the old post in its original chronological position?


Not sure Drage, I never used the Merge Posts option!


@[B]Arachne[/B]: I did some testing, and “Merge Posts” can be used by the Moderator or Admin to merge the posts including attachments. You can chose whether to merge into the first post (default) or into the second post. The post title must be set manually or the merged post will have no title.

@[B]shae[/B]: Go ahead and make a new updated post and tell us what you want us to do with it (merge with earlier post, replace earlier post or whatever).


Alright. Thanks. :slight_smile: Can the two posts be in any thread/subforum? It might be better not to litter existing threads with temporary messages.

This policy makes keeping FAQ/followup messages or threads impossible to keep organized without admin intervention, and I don’t understand the flamewar rationale (there are forums with 10,000s of users and 100,000s of messages that allow editing), but so be it.


If you have an update for an exisiting post, you should post it in the same thread as the post that needs updating - this minimizes the work of merging/updating posts.

Unlimited editing can be good if nobody ever breaks the rules, but since people break the rules all the time, the limited editing time is way to minimize problems in such situations.