Editing of video and audio



i am looking for a way to edit parts of a video and take out some of the audio and video of it to make it shorter, what would be the best thing for it?

i am mainly editing avi’s
i am using windows xp media with sp3

thank you in advance for any help you can give me.


There are many programs that will do this. If they are .avi, just use Windows Movie Maker, and edit out the parts that you don’t want and resave it as .avi


what would another one be that is not a microsoft product, i try and stay away from ms stuff as much as i can but sometimes can not avoid it. i have ruffly 5000 videos to edit so something that i could tell it when to start (ex 2 mins 49 seconds into it start and take out tell 6 mins 29 seconds) i really would hate to sit here and take them out one by one over and over if you know what i mean.


WMV is a very good, easy to use, basic video editing software. If you don’t want to use it, go to www.videohelp.com/tools, and you can select any one of dozens of video editing softwares.


If you want to be able to do it by script AVISynth would probably be a good choice.


Try with VirtualDub or its clones.


Besides VD ( no,not the disease),try avidemux…:cool: