Editing Music Videos DVD's?

I have a bunch of DVD’s with hundreds of music videos on them and was wondering what would be the best/easiest software to pull videos from them and compile a new DVD-R of my favorite videos? I’m a newbie so any help/suggestions would be great!

Most any DVD authoring program will import the entire DVD and allow you to edit out what titles you don’t want. How you do that depends a lot on the current navigational structure of that DVD. (whether it’s chapters or titles for the tunes) You can continue importing additional DVD’s untill you have a full disc after editing.

I like TMPGEnc-Author for it’s robust editing functions and ease of use.

Will it also allow me to build a new DVD with several videos taken from each music video DVD I have? I’m not just looking to pull vidoes off a disc and that be it …I want to revamp an entire new DVD with bits and pieces of others. For example …if I had a favorite pornstar & wanted to compile a DVD of just her from some of her movies in which she was only in 1 scene …would TMPGEnc-Author be the easiest/best way to do so or is there easier software out there that will get the job done?

There are many editing/authoring softwares, and all work in a similar fashion. You just need to try a few and find the one that you like.

TMPGEnc-Author will do that. You can add a new track for each part, or load it all into one track and chapter it. Menu creation is pretty easy too. But ANY good authoring tool should do these things. I like TMPGEnc because it’s one of the few programs that doesn’t always re-encode all the video (which is slow and lossy).