Editing Mpeg Movie files?



I would like to cut these captured video files at precise points to have them start and end exactly where I want, any tutorials ot instructions for this anywhere please? Thanks.


Plenty of guides, tutorials, software downloads, and forum discussions on how to do it. If you want frame accurate editing, many of the editing softwares will work just fine. There are even a couple of free ones. Cuttermaran is a pretty good one.


Appreciate the link, Cutteraman cannot trim “DVD” video files as far as I understand so I am still looking around for something.


Here are some I use (my favourites)

  1. Tsunami MPEG DVD Author Pro (for converting a VIDEO_TS folder to an MPG file (without re-encoding / super fast)

  2. Womble MPEG Video Wizard for frame level native MPEG editing and exporting

  3. VideoRedo (QuickStreamFix utility) to “FIX” an MPEG file containing non sequential PTS (I recommend using this before demuxing the MPEG) this will usually re-arrange PTS to be sequential, to avoid audio sync issues when demuxing.


Someone just told me about mpg2cut2, thanks for the referalls, will look into all of them tomorow, I will want to use a software that will work with my DVD files as they are [without myself having to convert anything] in the simplest way.


I had come across a software in my searches which mentioned editing the start and end points of a video file so you can have it start and end wherever you wish without actually cutting out pieces but it too could not do DVD files, is there any software that can do this with DVD files as an option?


DVD Author 1.6 / Pro can do just that, simply by IMPORTING a VIDEO_TS folder, editing footage/chpaters and exporting back to VIDEO_TS, no re-encoding, works like a charm.