Editing MP3s--Need to clip off end

Can someone please give me a very basic program that I can use to edit the length of MP3s. The situation is I’m converting a book on tape to MP3 and often times I have to leave it running far after the tape has finished and would like to go back and hack off the extra dead space at the end. I haven’t done any editing before so if I can find a very basic program that I can download and easily figure out how to hack off the end of an MP3 that would be ideal. Any help is appreciated!

mpTrim can do what you want and it can also fade out instead of simply truncating.

There’s a free version and some shareware versions with more functionality and less limitations.

There’s a limit on the length of file that can be trimmed in the free version.

Q: What’s the biggest file size that mpTrim can handle? A: mpTrim file size support is not expressed in raw byte size but in number of MPEG frames. That makes the assertion of the limit a little more difficult. But for MPEG 1 layer III at 44.1kHz (MP3s made from Audio-CDs and usually in this format), mpTrim reads up to 7 minutes of music, so should be able to process most music tracks.
The ‘Advanced info’ dialog box in mpTrim shows the MPEG frame usage. For additional file size support, please consider registering ‘mpTrim PE’ or ‘mpTrim PRO’.

MP3 Direct Cut, no limitations, and it is free.