Editing Movies

I hope I’m not in the wrong area. I simply want to copy pieces of movies so I can use them for custom home movie creation.

Let’s say, I want to take a 2 minute slice out of “Return of the Pink Panther”. I have software that will indescriminately slice the movie into 5 minute segments, but you have no choice where those segments begin and then end. I want to be able, sort of like a screen editor, pick the beginning and the end of the segment.

Can you tell me which software will do this?


SP :rolleyes:

Where are these movies from? And what do you intend to turn them into at the end?
If they are from a copy-protected DVD you will need to decrypt it first.


Ben :slight_smile:

I start out using DVD Decrypter and have other programs, i.e., ImTOO DVD Ripper, DrDivX, ImTOO CD Ripper------but after I use DVD Decrypter, none of these other programs allow me to start and stop where I want them to in the super-large decrypted video file…any ideas???