Editing .Mov files with Windows


I know this has been hashed and re-hashed a million times on-line but I haven’t seen any postings anywhere with this specific question.

Using a Windows computer I need to edit a .mov file from a high-def 1080 camcorder. Windows Movie Maker will not edit .mov files and there are hundreds of video converting programs on-line BUT every one of the converting programs I’ve tried SIGNIFICANTLY decreases resolution of the video.
I bought a 1080 camera and after the video conversion, I end up with 480, maybe 720 at best - and that converted 720 looks like total crap.

Here are my questions :

Does anyone know how I can convert the 1080 video to a file that Windows Movie Maker will work with without losing quality
and / or
Does anyone know of a program that I can edit 1080 .mov files on a Windows Computer ? (without converting the video in the first place !)

Thanks in advance for any constructive help anyone can give me,


If you are talking about consumer level programs to edit this material, there are several that come to mind, including Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum, Adobe Premiere Elements, and Corel Video Studio ProX3. All of those should have a trial to download and test the program with your video.

There are also professional programs like Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. They are much more expensive.

Another option is Quicktime Pro, it’s only $30. I’m surprised that your camera didn’t come with some video import/editing software.

Hi Kerry and Whappo

Thanks very much for you replies. I will look into the software that you’ve mentioned and if I find some good results I’ll post back here so everyone will have the info.

The camera I purchased is a JVC and although it’s not a high-end camera, it’s not a no-name brand either so I’m also surprised it didn’t come with any software. Live and learn, right ? If I would have done more homework I would have been able to find these things out.

Still, I will look into the programs and go from there. Thanks again for your input with this problem.


Just for giggles you can also try the freeware MPEG STREAMCLIP, http://www.squared5.com/ and/or Avidemux , http://fixounet.free.fr/avidemux/. I’m pretty sure you can just use stream copy and output as mp4 with avidemux.

Okay !

I’ll check into those as well - thanks very much for the links.


FWIW, I have JVC HDD cammy and Avidemux works for me…Quick question, does your particular cammy support firewire transfer to PC…Much higher quality DV-AVI (large file size) as opposed to the lower quality .mov files…

I don’t know. My camera is at home and I’m on the road until the end of the week. I couldn’t even tell you the model # of the camera right now - have to wait until I get home.

I didn’t know that the DV-AVI gives even better quality than the .mov files.

When I saw the 1080 resolution this little camera gives with the .mov files I was blown away ! I’m REALLY impressed with the quality of the video but if I can’t edit anything then it’s not really practical for much.

I’m downloading the Corel Video Pro X3 trial software now and I plan to mess with it tonight.

I’ll look into the Avidemux program right now.


Avidemux looks promising but I can’t figure out how to save the edited file.

I go to “Save” or "Save Project As"
then a window pops up where I can type in whatever name I want but under the “Save as Type” window, the program will only save it as an “All Files (.)”

How am I supposed to save the edited project ? I can’t find any decent on-line tutorial for this program.


Save–>Save Video

Then in the pop up window, name the file and put the appropriate extension on the name of the file. Working with the .mov files as input, you should probably use the .mp4 extension (though .mov might work too…haven’t tried it myself)

Under [B]Format[/B] in the main window of AviDemux, you should have already set the format as MP4. AviDemux doesn’t have a MOV option as format.

AH ! Okay, I got it, thank you very much.

Do you know how I can change the aspect ratio ?
The video now looks “squished” from left to right.

I believe my camera shoots in 1440 X 1080.

Thanks very much for all your help,