Editing LVW-5002

Perhaps simple question.
is it possible with LVW-5002 to remove after recording part(s) of the
record for example advertisements blocks.
and if so has that to be done after each record or also possible
for all records before finalysing.

Gr., Anton Hummel

Not using the recorder - you would have to copy to a PC and use suitable software e.g. Nero


what is the most suitable program i can use for it?
I have, for example, Adobe Premiere Pro installed and tried
a few other programs but until now it has not been a succes :confused: .

Anton Hummel

Use DVD Decryptor (free) to extract, Womble MPEG-VCR ($) to edit, and then TMPG DVD author ($) to reauthor to DVD video.

This is the fastest way (minutes instead of hours), without any time consuming re-encoding.


Nero Recode is very fast as well but does not have menu production capability i.e. the DVD will just start to play. I explain how to do this in other posts.

Adobe premiere must likely fails because the liteons record in VR mode, if so they might do a plug-in.

As thrunner states use DVDdecrypter to extract - use IFO mode as its much quicker and neater.

Womble MPEG VideoWizard is absolutely superb for fast editing and recoding if required.

Nero can edit but is a pain but I do use Nero recode to shrink and burn - real fast.

I’ve also used UleadDVDMovie Factory, it is surprising good for editing and will allow you to create title and chapter menus, in motion if required, but the templates are quite basic. The other thing with this is that it is much cheaper than Womble.