Editing liteon +rw disks with dvd shrink

I had used a philips dvdr75/17 for two years until it died. I was almost always able to rip the dvd to my computer for editing using DVD Shrink.
I am trying to locate a dvd + rw player that can be edited with DVD Shrink. My Philips recorder was always able to be edited, ripped, etc.
I am having problems with editing any disks from my new Liteon recorder. Is there a version or firmware difference that makes the same disk not able to be edited with DVD Shrink?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Neither DVDShrink nor Nero Recode can read or rip LiteOn 5xxx +VR recorded discs. Sorry.

I use Recode and DVD Shrink all the time to rip files from my Liteon 5002. (Sorry Trak101 - you are not correct here - no offence intended).

It may be that the firmware on your PC has trouble reading VR disks and this causes a problem with Nero Recode or DVD Shrink.

You can always try simply dragging and dropping all files to hard disk using Window Explorer. If this does not work, then I doubt any software will work - problem is probably then due to pc dvd not reading correctly.

You could try installing another dvd drive (I have two dvd drives - one is a BTC drive and this works fine mosty of the time. The other is an HP combo reader and this struggles sometimes.

Surely you should be able to set the recording mode to DVD-Video as opposed to DVD-VR.

[QUOTE=Oilman]I use Recode and DVD Shrink all the time to rip files from my Liteon 5002. (Sorry Trak101 - you are not correct here - no offence intended).QUOTE]

No offense taken. :disagree:

I have two different computers with two different drives that both have the last DVD Shrink and the Latest Recode and neither has ever even recognized a +VR 5005-recorded disc of any kind.

So maybe I should have said “DVD Shrink and Recode don’t work to rip discs recorded on my 5005”.

It may be that the OP is experiencing the same challenges I have.

In any case, I use Decrypter to rip, NVE 3 to edit, and then Img Burn. Never a problem with these programs… for me. :iagree:

clone dvd works fine for me, when i want to transfer stuff recorded on my 5045 onto dvd-r from dvd+rw.

Nope. Liteon only record to ALL DVD media in DVD-VR / +VR mode, there is no way to switch it.

Actually, I had problems with Recode once they introduced dual layer capability. I have stuck with the version just before they did that.

I am not sure what has happened; but all of a sudden??? I was able to rip a DVD created with the cyberHOME recorder to my computer. What is really unusual is that although I could copy it to my computer with DVD Shrink, I could NOT play it. Cyberlink DVD player got some kind of error message and would not play the dvd I just copied to the computer.
I AM truly confused. The only thing different is that I installed a trial version of anyDVD. I believe that that program could be modifying the errors DVD Shrink sees and thereby, somehow permits it to be copied. I hope it lasts.