Editing language file

Wan’t to correct spelling errors in the language file.
What program can I use?
Tried notepad. No luck!
Clonecd couldn’t find the language file after I had it edited.

Hmm you must use the Locale Editor to edit the language files but I can’t find it on the Elaborate Bytes website anymore. Maybe you should contact them to see if they can provide you with the tools. I might also have it on a back-up disc somewhere. I need to check. Please let me know if you need it and I’ll see if I can find it.

It would be great if you could fix that!

Spelling errors are irritating!
They can really make great programs look very childish!

Swedish version seems to be sloppy translated…

You can download the CloneCD Locale Editor [here](http://www.cdfreaks.com/images/forum/gf/CloneCD SetupLocaleEditor.zip). Here’s how to use it. Install the editor and start it. Click File, Open Template. Now open the ‘CloneCDCoreRes.h’ file in the CloneCD\Texts folder. (CCDTrayStrings.h is for the CloneCD Tray). Now click on File, Open language file and open your language file. Do not forget to save each line you edit!! When you’ve edited the language file you can use it in CloneCD. I suggest you also send the edited file to Elaborate Bytes! Or send it to me and I’ll send it to Sven Rohde over at Elby. Good luck!

Thanks alot !!
Really kind of you!
Will email the updated languagefile and traytextfile to you, when I’m finished.
There’s more text in CloneCd than I thought!

Np. I just wonder why the Locale Editor has been deleted from the Elaborate Bytes website… Well have fun with it and please send me the edited language file so I can send it to Sven.