Editing Home DVD

I have been backing up some old movies off my vidio camera to dvd using the roxio easy media creator 8.0 program. Now I want to take the video from the burnt dvd and edit through adobe premiere 6.0. But I can not get the file to load into premiere. Premiere does not regonize the file format.Does anyone have a solution to this. Roxio does not have enough editing capabilities for what I want to do.

If you open the DVD with windows explorer, what file types are on the dvd?

That mean the format that you have burnt your DVD fwith is not copatible with Adoble or you need plugin for this format in Adoble.

Thank you for the reply. When I open the dvd there is 2 files top one “opendvd” the second is “video_ts”

I don’t believe that adobe 6.0 had the ability to edit in mpeg (dvd) format. I believe that 6.5 and above does. You may want to look into watching for a deal on adobe premiere elements, or sony movie studio. Or you can use something like dvdshrink or dvdfabdecrypter to convert the movie into vob files, and use VOBEDIT, or other Vob editing software to make changes. Or, you can demux the movie into an avi file, and a seperate audio file, make your edits, and then re-encode. Be advised, that with each step you make, changing the video’s files structure, there will be minor quality losses. You can look at womble mpeg editing software as well. I’m sure that are a few more ways that others can come up with. If you are going to be doing a lot of this, try downloading the trial of adobe premiere elements, and see if that will work for you. If so, watch for a special, and buy it. I’ve seen deals for premiere elements, bundled with photoshop elements, for as little as $69.00

Thanks for the advice I will update.

Then by clicking on “Video_ts” yoou should be able to open that file with Nero Show Time or Windows Media Player or RealOne.