Editing HDTV

Hi all, I am having a little trouble editing the ads out of my HDTV recordings. This has been a long standing issue, but until now, I got around it by simply recording and editing the SD broadcasts instead (smaller file sizes, faster encoding, etc), however, as of this week, many programs in Australia are broadcast only in HD, so I need to find a solution (and fast, because HD videos in MPEG2 are not small, and my hard drive will fill up quickly).

The main program I use to edit the ads out of my recordings is TMPGEnc MPEG Editor 2.0, as I can cut edit, add to the batch encoder, and watch it Smart-Render in ~1 minute per show. However whenever I try to do this with shows recorded from TenHD, I get an error saying “the bitrate is too high for the selected level” (I don’t remember selecting any level, and I can’t find anywhere to change it). This problem doesn’t seem to exhibit itself with recordings from 7HD, but I’ve only tried once.

Does anyone have a solution to get this to work, or have another program which will allow me to SmartRender HD mpg files? Thanks.

Go to videohelp.com and browse the HDTV tools section.