Editing dvd

Hi , i’ve copied my dvd with DVD shrink creating a VIDEO_TS folder with bup, ifo and vts files inside.
files are numbered from 0 onwards etc
I wanted to edit the contents of my VIDEO_TS so that the burnt file will not contain the trailers (screeners advertising other movies) but will contain all other video files , i.e the intro’s and menu.
I cut out the unwanted trailers and re numbered the remaining files so they were in the correct numerical order, however this did not work , the dvd played up untill the menu then would not play the main movie.
So, what is the most simple way to get rid of the trailers in a full disc backup?

Use Vobblanker to get rid of unwanted parts of the dvd before using Shrink. Here is a guide for using it. http://www.dvdr-digest.com/articles/article_vobblanker_page1.html

Ok , the vob blanker software and guideare ok but the guide does not explain how to edit/ delete cells , i need a guide that will help me edit cells

Try PGCEdit. http://download.videohelp.com/r0lZ/pgcedit/
There are a lot of guides linked at their site.

I think VobBlanker is little easier for this.
Import IFO, it will open your DVD.
In middle window, click on file with largest file size, that is your movie, it will open in lower window. If you want to delete menus than open VTS with your menus, rest of process is the same.
In there, highlight it and click Cells on side bar. New window will open where you will see all the cells.
You can preview each and remove what you do not want.