Editing DVD (VOB) Files


I’m new to this forum.

I need to know if there is any software or way to rename dvd files (VOB, IFO’s and alll) so that I can burn more than one movie on a dvd disk.

Right now my avi2dvd converter gives all the files it converts the same name.

Thanks :sad:

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

To put more than a movie on a single disc, renaming files is not the correct way.

You need a dvd authoring software to import all single movies and create a set of vob files containing all movies.

For example TMPGEnc DVD Author or DVD LAb Pro.

Another way could be to use dvd shrink in reauthor mode, but in this way you will not have any menu.

Thanks Geno,

How do I lay may hands on a DV author? Is there anywhere I can download one? Free or otherwise? Could you suggest any good authoring softwares?

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Too bad the ones I suggested you are not free softwares, but they have a trial period that should allow you to do the job. Do a google search to find them.

If you want a free software, try to search one here