Editing DVD video prior to reencoding



I frequently like to rip bonus music video tracks off DVDs… and edit off leading material prior to reencoding. I typically use Premiere 6 to edit video but it doesn’t like native VOB files… and it doesn’t like any of the MP4 formats I reencode to. I generally use DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink and DVDx along with Videora for final reencoding to an iPod. Any suggestions on what to use to edit a VOB file to lop of 40 seconds of lead-in chatter prior to the content I want to keep in a ripped VOB file… or something that will convert the VOB file to something I can edit in Premiere? Preferably a raw, uncompressed AVI file?


Rip the music PGC (ProGram Chain) from the disc with DVD Decrypter in IFO mode, and change the extension of the resulting file from ‘.vob’ to ‘.mpg’. That should import into Premiere and allow you to edit…


Trying to import that video clip locks up Premiere very nicely.


DVDShrink is able to do simple edits. It will also export to one large VOB that can be handled as an MPEG.

Converting a VOB(MPEG) to AVI and then re-encoding again to MPEG4 will introduce some loss of quality, not to mention loss of time. A VOB is MPEG-2, so any editor should open one after the file extension is changed.


I suppose DVD Shrinks cludge of a cut will have to do for now. I would have preferred a nice audio/video fade up. I’m aware that VOB files are containers for mpeg-2… I just can’t get one to load into Premiere 6. Maybe I’m missing a codec or something.

There shouldn’t be any loss converting to AVI as long as you don’t use any compression.


There’s some loss in any and all video conversions. There shouldn’t be, but there is. BTW, I have no trouble opening VOB files re-named to MPG in Ulead, Procoder or any TMPGEnc proggie.


Premiere 6 won’t open MPEG2 files… at least not on my system. Some freeware MPEG2 editors are MPEG2Cut and Cuttermarran (must be demuxed 1st). You can use VDMod to convert the VOB to uncompressed avi, but the audio will most likely not be accepted into Premiere 6 if it is AC3/MP2… so you’ll probably have to convert it to uncompressed too… or you could give Debugmode’s frameserver a try