Editing DVD Menu?

When I delete maybe a couple of tv episodes off a dvd I want to keep the menu but delete the buttons that apply to the blocked eps. I am using DvdReMake, the trouble is that the buttons are disabled but the episode title remains in that button when the dvd is played. Is there a way to blank it out? When I look into the Video Manager and it’s menu I see a blank template of the dvd Menu (the episode titles are missing). So the titles must get loaded into the template when the dvd loads, I guess. I used IFO Edit but can’t find the title name for the episodes anywhere. I would appreciate any help from anyone who has done this sort of thing thanks.

First of all there is no such thing as a button text. It is either part of the background video (even if menu is still - it is one frame video) or specialy done subpictures (also an image). As it is not a text - you ca’t easily edit it.

By your description it looks like you have a second (actually quite rare case). It is possible to edit subpictures and then put edited one back, but it is not that easy.

There is quite easy procedure to get rid of “button text” in case it is part of the menu background:

  1. Import disk into DvdReMake Pro;
  2. Save menu background as a bitmap (right-click in preview and select “Export frame”). It is a motion menu - choose the frame you like most as at the end of this procedure you will convert your menu to still;
  3. Open saved bitmap in any editor and get rid of the “button text” in any way you like - blur, strike, etc
  4. Download muxman (http://www.mpucoder.com) and author a dummy DVD with edited bitmap
  5. Import this dummy DVD into DvdReMake Pro;
  6. Open your original menu in preview, right click and “replace with still” (DvdReMake Pro 3.1+ is required).
  7. Select block with your edited bitmap

That is it. Now you have menu with new background.

Thanks for replying, Dimad. In Video Manager/Menus/PGC3 this is what shows, just blank buttons, no text appears until the dvd begins play, therefore I am unable to do any editing of the bitmap as you suggested to remove text (I cut some of it out to reduce the attached bmp file) see file attached

Yeah, as was said - looks like you have “buttons text” in subpictures.

So I guess that my best option is to transcode the episodes that I want to keep (to mpg) then re-encode and add my new menu

No need to touch the movie (decoding/encoding will degrade the quality) as all you want to do is to change menu. Just use your favorite application to author new menu and then replace old one with the new in DvdReMake Pro: http://www.dimadsoft.com/dvdremakepro/ht_customize_menu.php

Thanks, I haven’t made a menu before but I’ll try this

I’m not getting anywhere with this. I have selected “Hide all Blocks” of Video Title Set 1 & 2 & 3 and I want to keep VTS 4 - 9 episodes of my original dvd. Now I need to create a new Menu showing the titles for 6 episodes.

I have tried Nero and Ulead MovieFactory, I point them to my exported vobs that I put into a VIDEO_TS folder but these programs don’t seem to be able to work with episodes.

Also the URL that you pasted doesn’t go anywhere.
Any suggestions please?

I used the url and it worked so what is your problem

it does now, and my problem is that you replied 3 months too late plus your attitude in the reply sux!