Editing dvd Film Files

I have a dvd saved to hard drive by re-authoring it with Shrink.

This dvd is actually of about 8 films which share files on the hard drive, for example one file may contain the parts of 2 or 3 films.

I want to wipe out the intro and the end of this dvd as i do not want to burn all the bumf and advertising at the beginning and end of the dvd which is actually sharing the first and last files.

Also if possible there is a part halfway through which i want to omit so that isnt recorded when i burn a dvd.

When i re-authored the dvd i only did the main movie so got rid of most of the bumf but a little remains.

Is this possible or is it extremely complecated for a newbie like myself???

load that sucker back up into dvd shrink and use the trim tool within shrink to cut out the beginning and end parts.

you can also cut out the middle by loading the title set into shrink twice. in teh first titleset go from the beginning (or where you want the beginning to be) to the point in the middle at which you want it to stop.

in teh second title set begin at the part in the middle where you want it to start back up again and continue until where you want it to end.

if you need help with this, there are tutorials on afterdawn.com regarding using teh trim tool in dvd shrink.

Thanks for that, when you say load it back up into Shrink, do you mean re-do the re-author again with editing from the original dvd or drag the files from my hard drive to Shrink and do the editing then???

honestly, i would use the original files. you’ll be cutting a good amount out of it by taking off the beginning and end (and part of the middle) so the quality will end up better if you use the original then shrink it to size as opposed to having your already shrunk disc and cutting stuff off…you’ld have empty space on teh disc that could have been dedicated to higher quality video.

Sorry when i downloaded it to hard drive the film was going to be small enough to burn to a disc with out compression so it was re-authored without any compression at all.

So can i use these files from the hard drive to edit if this is the case???

yes of course! if quality isn’t a concern (it already fit), go right ahead and use the reauthored files to avoid some extra work :slight_smile:

Thanks mate your a star!!!