Editing dvd angles

I wanted to know if it is possible to remove multiple angles from a dvd?
if so how can I remove, erase unneeded angels from a dvd?

for example I got a movie that once had multiple angles but today it has only one how can I change it to only one angle.
the problem is that when I play it on my dvd player it shows me on the screen “angle 1/5” and I cant remove it so it stays on screen during the whole movie. pretty annoying


I’m not sure, but should be possible with PgcEdit and IfoEdit.

These are not exactly user friendly (at least for me), but should be the solution for you

hey geno888

I got IfoEdit and I use it to delete/add subtitles audio but I didnt find where I can change the angle to 1 instead of 5 so I thought somebody here had this problem too… guess not

I’ll check PgcEdit.


Sorry, I tried a couple of times to use ifoedit, but I find really difficult. I don’t know if it can be used to remove angles. I’ll do some other search.

I find another thing. You can use dvd shrink in reauthor mode to remove all angles, retaining only the angle you want. In this way, however, you’ll loose all menus

yep I did this once to a movie with the same problem but I will search for another solution so I can keep the menu.

maybe I can do it with dvdshrink and keep the menu. will check

the funny thing is that my friend had no problem in his player.


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Some rapid search on ifoedit shows me that ifoedit should be able to remove angles, but I don’t know how.

I’ll be there :bigsmile: