Editing DVD-A Tracks


I want to know how to copy separate tracks from DVD &/or DVD-A disc soundtracks

For example

Only the one Lisa Gerrard song during the credits at the end of the movie “The Mist”


Edit out some of the songs on a DVD-A live concert disc.

All I seem to be able to do with DVDFab Platinum is to be able to
copy the ENTIRE soundtrack.

Is there a way to copy onlysingle tracks like when copying a CD & selecting only certain favorite tracks.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I should add I want to capture the soundtracks in 5.1 DTS or DD formats

You can probably use DVD Decrypter to extract the audio track, but as far as editing dts or dd I haven’t a clue. You have to extract the entire sound track and then edit out what you want.

AVIDemux can edit cuts from a DVD soundtrack, in a round about way. Rip the DVD and open one of the VOB files in AVIDemux. AVIDemux will then load the whole thing. Edit the track (cut out what you don’t want) then set the Audio for ‘copy’ then on the Audio menu select ‘Save’. This will work for the AC3, IIRC AVIDemux doesn’t have a DTS option.