Editing DivX files



I just picked up a LG LRA-536 DivX player/Dvd recorder. I love it but there are some of my divx files it won’t play. I suspect this is because the audio is AC3. Is there some way I can easily convert the audio stream to mp3 or pcm? I could convert it to DVD format, change it and then Divx it back, but I’de rather not as there are several of these files. I can easily rip the audio off of the file but how to I replace the existing stream?

Also, if there a program that does simple cut and paste editing for divx files, that would be nice too.

Any suggestions?


Virtualdub. Google to find it (sorry, I haven’t link available right now)

Use “direct stream copy” for video and “full processing mode” for audio.


Much thanks! :clap:


You’re welcome :slight_smile: