Editing/Creating a DVD menu

Hey, not if this has already been answered but i thought id see if i could get some help of anyone of u lovely members out there. Right - heres the dillio.

I had an *.avi file but its audio was inversed

Followed directions from another source

1. Open AVI with VirtualDub
2. Select Audio>Full processing mode
(video>direct stream copy)
3. Save audio as .WAV
4. Open WAV file with Audacity
5. Split Audio into seperate channels
(where it says "audio" on the left click that and "split stereo track" is on the bottom)
6. Select all data in Left channel
7. Select effects>invert
8. Save as .WAV (dont overwrite the other one!)
9. re-combine with VirtualDub (Video direct stream copy/audio from WAV)
10. Convert resulting AVI using ConvertX if you want to burn to DVD

With the audio fixed its pretty good.

Created a nice looking menu (as always) in Nero7

The produced VIDEO_TS files were not in sync (a long way off)

So i followed above advice (10.) and used ConvertX

Resulting dvd files are fine but menu sucks ass.


Any way of removing the crappy current menu and make a menu like on Nero, im currently lookin at DVDRemakePro but am still learnnin. Any help would be appreciated. Even if any1 knows a good *-DVD prog that keeps in sync and alows better menu editing.. 

Thankyou for the time you waisted reading this post...


You’re on the right track. Create a menu with Nero with some dummy video or any authoring menu program. Use DvdReMake Pro to replace this Nero menu over the CxD menu. Export and test. Guide HERE. In Step 3, substitute with the original button command of CxD menu.