Editing content of DVD's

This may be a newbie question…

I need software to edit the content of a DVD for children viewing.

For example, I have The Matrix and would like to edit out the swear words as well as some scene content.

I feel I am pretty skilled in copying the DVD and what not. I have copied the main movie file to a DVD. I also have the main movie VOB files on my computer waiting for me to find good software to do this.

Any suggestions are apreciated!


although i don’t have specific knowledge of how to do this, doing something like this is far more complicated than copying a dvd. it would involve both editing the video/audio and reauthoring the dvd.

Wombles MPEG-VCR Editor (www.womble.com) can be used to chop out sections of the VOB files, even down to frame level.

Like you, I want to control language in movies. I have not edited any VOB files, yet, but instead I purchased a Sanyo DVD / VHS player that has an excellent feature to mute out questionable language. The feature is called TVGuardian and works very well, not 100% though. The catch is that the movie must have close captioning encoded into the audio. Otherwise TVGuardian will not work.