Editing buttons but not touching main movie

OK, i want to use DVDReMake to remove some buttons from the dvd menu. So far no problem. But when i want to save my work, i need to save the whole DVD, what takes very long, not to mention i need an additional 8 Gig space on my HDD.

So what i’m looking for is a way to save only the altered files, while keeping the rest. Of course i would like to have a backup of the changed files, just in case something goes wrong.

I was trying to create a backup of the menu files with MenuShrink, edit them with Remake and copy them over the originals, but Remake refuses to open the MenuShrink backup…

Does any of you have an idea how to do that ? (Hope i was clear enough, i’m very sleepy now)

There’s an option to export modified files in File menu. Select a different temporary folder to export the changed the menus. The files will be all IFOs, BUPs, and the menu VOB. Close the project. Make a backup of similar original files (IFOs, BUPs, menu VOB) to someplace else in case you need to restore. Move or copy the modified files over to the original folder. Now you can import the changed folder for verification.

Thank you! Exactly what i was looking for. (I feel like a noob that i haven’t found it myself :o )

It works very well for editing menus and the Video Manager. It’s also useful if you also hide entire VTS’s (such as one containing previews) which are now very small. The one action that fools DVD ReMake is deleting a track that was previously disabled and thus has no stream encoded in the .VOB. It will then resave the entire set of the VTS’s .VOB files when it doesn’t need to. 90-95% of the time when I remove a previously disabled audio track the .VOB files are exactly the same. It also save the entire set of .IFO/.BUP files when often only 1-3 have been edited and altered. I’m always running CRC checks between the original files and the Modified Only output of DVD ReMake Pro so I have lots of experience on this matter. It’s great but need more AI.