Editing Bad Quality Movies?

Hi everyone I hope someone can help me. I was once told that you can’t make something out of nothing in relation to movie editing but i was always of the impression that although that might be true modifications can be done. When I speak to quality improvement I am just referring to for example blurriness, bad color and pixelation/distortion. I am aware of TMPGENC’s ability to edit in this regard, but is there any program out there in you guys opinion, that can do a better job?

Thanks alot for the help.


There are programs out there that will do this to some degree. Go to www.dvdrhelp.com and you will find software, and tutorials and guides on how to do this.

You are correct: garbage in -> garbage out. Also correct that it is sometimes desirable to use filters. Do NOT pile on filters in TMPGEnc, you could wait days for it to finish. No kidding. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s your best option, if you’re willing to learn it:


This may help. FitCD can generate Avisynth scripts for you, then just edit the script, adding your filter(s).