Editing AVI - Simple Stuff




I’ve got a digital camera that I’ve mounted on my motorcycle. It makes 15 minute .avi movies.

What I want to do is modify the audio track to my specs, add audio tracks from .mp3’s, and cut the original .avi into pieces with ‘fade to black’. I’ve downloaded the trial version of Adobe’s Premier Elements. Man, that thing is one bloated doggy. Besides, the help screens are skimpy. I dunno. If that’s the best there is then so be it.

I’m hoping there’s a simpler less bloated piece of software out there that will let me accomplish my objectives. I just want to take a 10 minute .avi, chop off pieces I don’t like, and add .mp3’s I do like.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Thank you!!

Mike Gallery
Forest Park, Illinois


Pinnacle Studuo 9 is perfect for what you want to do. Its alot easier to use than Adobe Software too.


There are many video editing programs around that you can use, but if the things you listed are the only ones, you can simply do that with Microsoft MovieMaker. Simple and free of charge if you’re on XP.
Don’t expect fancy video editing from it, but you’re obviously not interested in that.
Read this to avoid some of the pitfalls in MovieMaker: http://www.digitalvideoclub.com/tutorials/moviemakermistakes.php


There is everything out there from Windows Movie Maker to Vegas Video. It just depends on how much you want to spend. I personally have Adobe Premiere, Ulead Video Studio, and Vegas Video. For simple stuff, ulead video studio is easiest to use. For quality cutting and editing, I prefer Vegas Video.


Sure, there are many choices.
Here’s a listing of companies with some of their products:

Personally I am an Adobe Premiere. Been using it since version 4 and have kept up with the development and use Pro 1.5 now. For encoding either TMPGEnc or Canopus and for authoring DVDlab. But I would not reccomend to use this suit if you’re a beginner. If the only thing you want to do is cut, add simple transitions and add music, you’re OK with MovieMaker. Once you get the hang of it buy one of the intemediate $50-$100 packages and if you realy want to become a prosumer go for the realy fancy stuff.