Editing Audio in VOBs - Is This Possible?



Ok, I have a rather large media server in the works, and have ripped my DVD collection to HDs. Part of that is the Married with Children dvd sets, and I absolutely fucking hate that lameass Sony only paid to have the real theme song in the first two seasons then replaced it with some generic shit.

Is there any way for me to rip just the audio of the theme song from Season 1 and overwrite that portion of each episode from S3-onwards? Actually getting it on audio is no problem but is there any way to edit the later seasons to insert the correct audio over the bullshit one?


Look at vob and mpeg editing softwares. They should do what you want. If you aren’t sure what to do, check out www.videohelp.com


Sounds like a lot of work. But if you rip the video to an elementary stream, you’ll have a PCM (wave) file that you can do most anything with, then re-author using the new stream. Keep in mind that it’ll be very easy to mess up the audio synch by doing this type thing.

Something like Ulead VideoStudio will allow you to over-lay a second audio track and suppress the main audio just in that portion of the timeline that you want. This will involve re-encoding the video, and some loss of video quality is possible.

Personally, I think I’d just try to deal with it as it is. It’s not quite the end of the world.


Similar thing here but I just want to edit the audio of a vob file. I tried VideoRedo but that only lets me shift the audio. I have got a film which is still out after shifting it at the beginning. I really want to load a vob video into a Video Editing suite and cut bits out of the audio only. If I convert to MPEG I can’t do this either because the M2v and AC3 are not editable formats, so you just get 1 stream in any MPEG editor, never a seperate audio stream. Is there a vid edit program that will allow this kind of vob editing.
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